Essay about Nussdorfgasse Retirement: A Fictional Narrative

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The drive across Vienna to Nussdorf; one of the northern suburbs of the city, took Rani and Chana a little over three-quarters of an hour. Nussberggasse was right on the edge of the city limits; little more than two hundred metres from the west bank of the Danube. Had their arrival been during the hours of darkness; it would have been a simple matter to dump Kupelwieser into the river; but as it was; he would have to be retired in the building where he lived. Rani stopped the grey Opel a quarter-kilometre down the road from Nussberggasse 14… a three-storey, white-painted building on the north side of the street. Its nearest neighbouring building was a mere twenty metres away and opposite, was a two-storey block of apartments. This …show more content…
It was based on the standard Military Makarov PM pistol with a unique integral two-part silencer. It fired the fat, nine-by-eighteen, Makarov shell; and Chana favoured the one-hundred-and-fifty-four grain, Czech, sintered-iron bullets. They fragmented extensively within target tissues, causing severe wounding. One shot was usually sufficient.
Leaving the car, they walked to the house and rang the doorbell. An elderly man; obviously, the Hausmeister… the caretaker; answered. Rani produced an identity card for him to see, and smiled pleasantly.
'Guten Tag; Polizei. We wish to see Jakob Kupelwieser.'
The old man peered at the identity card, and nodded.
'Certainly, Inspektor; he has a room on the second floor... room twelve. He is at home. He rarely goes out these days.'
Rani nodded.
'Vielen Dank, Herr Hausmeister. You have been most helpful.'
The old man shuffled back into his room as Rani and Chana made their way up the narrow stairs to the second floor. Everything was quiet; except for a tinny radio somewhere, grinding out the syrupy sweetness of schlager; a northern European attempt at American easy-listening. Rani smiled. The advantage of having music playing whilst performing the interrogation and subsequent hit would help filter out the sound of a fight if Kupelwieser proved to be tougher than expected. The assassin's trade so rarely afforded the option of bestowing additional cover for his hits during

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