Nursing Care as Applied to a Client with a Mental Health Problem

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An extended essay demonstrating the candidate’s ability to evaluate how the application of theoretical knowledge gained during the course influences and effects the provision of quality nursing care as applied to a client with a mental health problem.

The aim of this assignment is to explore the application of theory to practice with regards to a client with a mental health problem.

In order to effectively care for clients, nurses need to regularly evaluate their knowledge and assess this knowledge increases the quality of mental health nursing care. The client chosen for this assignment was a female, 39 year-old suffering with agoraphobia. She was a single Asian origin, but living in a
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The client's usually identifies her phobia as unrealistic but she still perceives it as anxiety provoking.

Agoraphobia is associated with a fear of open spaces. Clients fear leaving their homes and thus their social interactions are severely affected. (Wilson and Kneisl 1996).

The client I worked with also suffered from depression and in addition to her other problems. There are common features in clients with agoraphobia, (Wilson and Kneisl 1996).

The client's agoraphobia was triggered according to her by her epilepsy and mobility problems due to the tumour. She had suffered severe fits outside in public and from there had developed a fear of going outside. She became very anxious when thinking about or going outside her flat. Her anxiety symptoms that she experienced at the idea of confronting her phobia just served to reinforce isolation.

So; from these various problems the client identified four main needs:

1. Coping with her agoraphobia and anxiety

2. Accepting her tumour

3. Learning to manage her epilepsy

4. Learning to cope with her limited mobility.

The occupational therapist that worked with me with the client helped the client with accepting her tumour, teaching her skills to cope with her epilepsy and anxiety management. She engaged in exposure and with the client.

The client had a psychotherapist who came to visit her once

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