Nothing Tastes as Good as Skinny Feels Essay example

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Eating Disorders are an issue that affects many people in the world today. An eating disorder is an obsession with weight and food that has become so extreme that it jeopardizes a person’s health. (Divine Caroline, 1) Eating disorders affect many individuals worldwide, the majority being female ages twelve to eighteen. (Eating disorder recovery, 4) Eating disorders are considered to be a psychological disease and can originate from outside influences, coping skills, personality traits, genes, culture, metabolism and mental instability. (Eating disorder recovery, 2)
Twenty percent of individuals that suffer from an eating disorder don’t seek help and die from their illness, which can be prevented by the use of treatment using things such
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In result, the person attempts to get rid of the food in a process called purging. Purging meaning to “cleanse” or discard of the unwanted food.(NEDIC, 2 ) People who suffer from Bulimia often use their weight as an indication of self-worth and frequently diet and exercise more than the usual person. Signs of Bulimia Nervosa may be not only behavioral but some may be physical. Vomiting, the use of laxatives, skipping meals to cut down weight, callused fingers, and swollen jaw line, broken blood vessels in the eye, transparent looking teeth, and extensive exercise are signs that an individual may be suffering from Bulimia Nervosa. (US Department of Health, 2) (Eating disorder recovery, 2 & 5) Bulimia develops from the individuals fear of weight gain and how they will appear to not only others but themselves as well. The effects of Bulimia Nervosa are substantial. The constant vomiting the individual induces causes strictures and sores in the esophagus, and ulcers in the stomach and throat due to the acidic substances from the stomach. Bulimia Nervosa may also contribute and lead to the development of

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