North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell Essay

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The nineteenth century was a time of economic, technologic, and population growth. These changes created problems in everyone’s daily lives. Two examples of things that affected the lives of many were disease and sanitation. Disease and sanitation led to high mortality rates in Nineteenth- Century England. This relates to North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell as it takes place during nineteenth century England and multiple characters died presumably due to disease. In North and South by the Victorian Novelist, Elizabeth Gaskel, the towns in the book were given different names than they were in England during the nineteenth century. The population growth, diseases, and sanitation was similar throughout all of England, however most …show more content…
The increase in population might have helped the economy, the job force, and the lives of many; however the population explosion brought disease and other health ailments. According to the Associate Professor of History at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Peter Thorsheim, “Throughout the nineteenth century, most public- health experts considered Britain’s (England’s) cities to be unhealthy” (Thorsheim). According to the Canada Research Chair in Citizenship and Governance and professor of political science at the Université de Montréal, Jane Jenson, “In Britain (England) the life expectancy had increased significantly in the eighteenth century, but in the second and third decades of the nineteenth century, urban life brought ill health and early death” (Jenson). “In 1842, the life expectancy at birth was only half as long in urban as compared to rural areas” (Thorsheim). From multiple sources, the life expectancy in England had dramatically decreased once the population started to increase. The increase in population meant that there were more illnesses being brought into the area and spread among the population. “According to the dominant theory of the time, decay contaminated the air with miasma, and miasma caused disease by introducing decay into the bodies of those who breathed it” (Thorsheim). Miasma is a highly unpleasant or unhealthy

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