Nigeria: A Traditionally Evolved Country Essay

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Things change as times change, and so that is how a society evolves. One could categorise these drastic differences as a country’s modernisation. Albert Chinualumogu Achebe was born into a country that is now seen as modernised, since its customs and cultural roots have been modified, and that place was Ogidi, in Nigeria. Achebe’s background includes his father’s work, which was once an evangelical Christian churchman. Although his parents were both Christian, which was a religion brought upon by the missionaries; they still valued very strongly the traditional Ibo culture. The Christian and traditional Ibo environment in which Achebe was raised was what influenced him in his writing further on in his life. (“Chinua Achebe's Biography”) …show more content…
And so, the Europeans combined the 4 empires and kingdoms in 1914, and founded the newly named Nigeria. The former habitants of the land were taken over by Europeans as these took control of the land and took it for their own. The European-influenced government had decided to create different sections of the land to colonize it, and so in a matter of years, Nigeria had been separated again and again until it had been split into a total of thirty six states. The traditional empires and kingdoms were changed, and so were the population’s ways of living as they were forced to change along with it since a higher authority had power over them. It was finally in 1960 that Nigeria was able to obtain their full independence, therefore cutting governing ties with Europe. (Motherland Nigeria) Even though the country was now free of a higher power such as Europe, it had still drastically changed from its post-colonial times. As compared to Things Fall Apart, the Nigeria of today and the post-colonial kingdoms and empires are quite different, in a matter or governance, of religions, of the views of women and family, and also had changed culturally.

The Europeans quickly gained power over the people of Nigeria, and used it to change them. What they did with this power was to firstly change the way the kingdoms and empires worked, so by changing their

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