Newer is Not Always Better: Textbooks vs. iPads Essays

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Paper has officially been replaced with iPads. Just kidding, but there are over 1.5 million iPads that are being used in classrooms by students on a daily bases rather than using printed textbooks as main learning resources (Graduating With Technology). With recent advancements in technology, many school districts have turned the focus off traditional learning methods of using textbooks, and are now focusing on integrating the use of tablets and computers as the main means of learning for students. Technology is going to continue to advance throughout this digital age and is going to gain popularity within education, but there are questions arising of how effective technology is when used in the classroom. The opportunity of using new …show more content…
Many studies have been conducted on whether there are differences when using digital text rather than printed text starting in the late 1900's. In a study conducted in 1994, researchers found that reading was 20-30% slower when using digital print rather than printed text (Noyes). In a more recent study in 2001, studies still conclude that there is significant difference in computer based reading, confirming that printed text reading is still superior to digital text reading (Noyes). While using computers and tablets seems like a great advancement for students, these advancements could, in fact, make reading take much more time. Technology is supposed to be used, as a tool to enhance the student’s knowledge, not make reading and other tasks more time consuming. In terms of reading accuracy, some studies that were conducted saw little difference between the two mediums, but the majority of studies “generally favored paper” (Noyes). Reading quickly and accurately without their speed or comprehension being inhibited is important for students. Students have numerous classes with many different reading assignments that must be done. Students must manage their time wisely. A students don’t want to take more time to finish a task while using a tablet if they can get the same reading done while using printed text in less time. As a student myself, I have found that

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