Essay Nature vs Nurture Theory: Alcoholism

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The Nature vs Nurture Theory is one the most controversial debate topics in Psychology. This debate has been going on for years now. The Nature argument is supported by genetics and what is hereditary to a person. Psychologists who support the “nature” theory concentrate on what an individual is born with. For example, they focus on genes, DNA, personality traits and other qualities they just can’t change about themselves. Researches focusing on the results of neurotransmitters of an addict are usually conducted to further support this point. On the other hand, the Nurture argument is supported by events that have influenced a person's decision and way of living. Psychologists who support the “nurture” theory base their arguments by …show more content…
People with this gene will constantly want to consume more and more alcohol. The are more likely to go from social drinking to solo binge drinking very quickly.
There has also been another study that suggest genes can affect how impulsive a person can be. People with a high impulsivity gene are more likely to act without thinking about the consequences. They would feel invulnerable and indestructible. Also, once they get hooked on to alcoholism, it will be very hard for them to stop. However, if a person had both genes previously mentioned, it could catastrophic. They would choose to continue on drinking even if they knew that stopping would be a good idea. They basically cannot function without a sip of alcohol.
We all know the saying “monkey see, monkey do.” What children see from their family members, it is in their instinct to copy. Moving on to the “nurture” standpoint, alcoholism may be developed due to how a person was raised. If they see a family member drinking every night, or if they are being asked to go fetch them drinks, they may later on develop these same patterns and could possibly lead to alcoholism. Some people would say it is genetics, but these cases have also occurred in adopted children.
Another study was conducted by the American Sociological Association proposes that married women drink more than divorced women. This is believed because sometimes married women consume alcohol with their husbands for pleasure or if they have marital

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