Media Language in American Society Essay

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When news began, they were spread out and were associated with wealthy people. Only the wealthy people had a greater advantage to know what was happening because they were constantly interacting with people who traveled, so they knew what was happening around them. As time progresses there was more ways of getting news such as the radio or by newspaper. Since there was a new way of getting many different articles printed, such as the printing revolution, which allowed a vast number of articles to be printed faster unlike the time where one copy would take a long time. The problem the media is having is that now since there are many ways of expanding all of the information such by newspaper, television, radio, and internet. The viewers are …show more content…
The confusion was caused by reporters who use highly educated words that only politicians and people who have background in politics will understand. Majority of the newspaper article have highly selective words while I read an article from the New York Times I counted that there were approximately 15-20 highly selective words on each article. According to Thompson, “ we find ourselves unable to discuss the forces of capitalism and authoritarianism because we do not have the special language”(659). Thompson is basically trying to argue that we cannot talk or understand things that we do not know.
On a previous experience on reading the newspaper there was substantial amount of confusion because there were a lot of “big words”. The “big words” caused confusion because there was no comprehension on what the newspaper was being said, the words had an economic and financial background. According to the University of North Carolina, “Jargon is used by people that want to leave an impression of intelligence or to confuse a person” (Caudle). The research that the University of Carolina presents allows one to refer that media uses jargon to confuse people by what it is being said or referred. That is not the only problem that media has by using selective language. Jargon is used because the media has a specific audience they are aiming for.

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