Major Issues in the Bahamas Essay

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“It’s Better In The Bahamas”. This slogan advertises throughout the world to attract tourist. Is it really better in the Bahamas? Many articles on television and in the news paper address the issues in the Bahamian society. While many pay no attention to this dilemma, many Bahamians live in constants fear. Miss Bijoux a single parent lost her job two months ago. One night she lay down on her bed thinking of all the possibilities of obtaining a job. Deep in thought how is she going to care for her children, and how is she going to help her twelve year old pregnant daughter? Lost to the world her phone rings, hello she said the caller answer hi, is this Bijoux residence? I am calling from PMH (Princess Margaret Hospital). Mrs. …show more content…
In the year 2009 two tourist s were murdered. For instance, tourist will hesitate to come to the Bahamas and go to other competitive places with less crime. This will cause Bahamas significant amount of dollars in the Tourism industry. Moreover, Nixon also states that Sergeant C Hanna confirms that Bahamas murder rates ranked 14th in the Caribbean. According to BAC (Bahamas Against Crime) homicide counts are 52 in 2005, 60 in 2006, 79 in 200, 87 in 2009 and increase to 94 in 2010 (p 3). These statistics indicate that every year the murder rates are increasing. This is a major concern because Bahamians will soon become very afraid to come out their home. Consequently, this may cause Bahamians numerous sleepless nights worrying if their love ones is safe in the homes, school, works anywhere in the Bahamas. Additionally, many young men will be lost to the prison system. As stated that majority murders are committed by young men. This may have an economic strain on the Government to feed prisoners every day. Every year the government spent thousands of dollars on prisoners, when this money could be useful to the Bahamas.
Unemployment is another major concern in the Bahamas. Today in the Bahamas more people are getting laid off and many businesses are closing due to the economic crisis. Neil Hartnell affirms that “The Bahamas unemployment rate has increase to second place in the Caribbean region”. The Department of Statistics

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