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Susan Glaspell is a thought-provoking exemplar of an authentic early feminist writer, “born in 1882 in Davenport, Iowa.” (Learner) She grew up in a small, conservative, middle-class town in the Midwest, which had a powerful influence on her. Her evolution from regional focused compositions to modernism was made possible and achieved by her geographical relocation to the east coast. Following her graduation “from Drake University” (Learner) she found there to be copious boundaries and restraints for women in the work place. She expressed her resentment of these boundaries, and promoted the feminist movement in her fictional and dramatic writings in many arenas: novels, journalism, short stories, and plays. Her most notorious, profound, and …show more content…
Susan Glaspell wrote Trifles and Fidelity extraordinarily different from the standard writing styles of the time. She assigned the main characters in both writings to females. The strength and magnitude portrayed by these two characters stirred much controversy. Her writings “are sensitive psychological portraits of a society where women's struggle to connect with each other impedes their ability to achieve equal social footing with men.” (Kastleman ) Susan Glaspell viewed this conversational chatter important to the advancement of women’s rights and gave momentum for grander social change. Susan Glaspell utilized her foundation and background in creating the settings for Trifles and Fidelity. She projected the feeling of a small Midwestern rural town in each script. While Trifles is merely a one-act play, the setting was well established. The women in the house speak so innocently the main character Mrs. Wright. She was revealed as a hard-working, reserved, innocent woman. Many examples of a Midwestern woman were given in the detailed description of the kitchen. Little is known of Susan Glaspell’s childhood, the kitchen may have been of one she remembered from her youth. It was expected and traditional for women to maintain the home most especially the kitchen. The woman notice how pretty Mrs. Wright’s jars of jelly were and how she will be devastated if the jars were destroyed by the cold of winter. The women decide not to “tell her her fruit

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