Like Father, Like Son Essay

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A father and son have a relationship that’s virtually irreplaceable. They bond on a different level than do mother and son, but both are necessary. Sometimes, the mother or father isn’t present in a child’s life, greatly affecting the child. Some may leave for personal reasons, while others leave because they feel it will benefit the child. Having one around could preserve the child to an extent, but being without both could generally wreck the child’s outlook on life all together. In Sherman Alexie’s “Flight” the main character, Zits, loses his mother and child support and what he thought his father, out of spite, abandoned him. Zits is introduced going through many foster homes and heading down the wrong path. He admits to all sorts of …show more content…
It’s easy to conclude Zits has no compassion for his father. Being a drunken old man, Zits thinks he left because he didn’t want to deal with raising a child. Zits has moved into another foster home, and upon waking up he’s called down to breakfast. Instead of being courteous and nice about his new situation he disrespects his new foster father and turns to leave. As he’s out the door he “dodge[s] the foster father’s angry slap to [his] head, shove[s his] foster mother against the wall, and run[s] out the front door” (16). Zits then is followed down the street by a familiar police officer that’s attempting to help him. In Zits’ rebellion, he later finds himself in a jail cell once again. He makes friends with a boy who calls himself Justice and becomes the one person Zits makes friends with and feels comfortable with. Together they run away and begin taking out fake guns causing a scene. They end up in a bank, trying to scare all of its patrons, and before you know it, Zits is spinning in circles shooting the gun over and over again.
Zits wakes up in a motel room as an FBI agent during an attack on the Red River Reservation. He meets the famous Elk and Horse, who he idolized as heroes to the Indian people, and realizes “they aren’t freedom fighters or anything like that. They don’t care about protecting the poor and defenseless. No, man, these guys just like to hurt people”

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