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Supporting people in having a voice and being heard is one of the five key principles of care practice in the K101 course. They link to the National Occupational Standards ‘Health and Social Care’. The principle states you need to show that you support and develop relationships with individuals so they can communicate and express views and preferences regarding their health and general needs without any fear of being ridiculed, rejected or retribution.

I am going to look at two cases one of Jordan Morgan (not his real name) being moved away from his birth family and placed into foster homes and the impact of this on his identity. Also by looking at the importance of his life story work in creating Jordan’s identity correcting anecdotal
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You cannot move forward with your life if you do not understand or know where you came from or what has happened in your life. To help children like Jordan make sense of their past life story work can be advantages, ‘Gathering together facts about the life and the significant people in it helps them begin to accept their past and go forward into the future with this knowledge.’ (Resource 6, p.33)

Identities are lifelong projects like the life story work, the principle is important, as people need to have a voice in order to make sense of events in their lives. In Jordan’s case this is done through the creation of a life story work, which gives him a way of expressing his past, ‘creating a life story book we are gathering everything that makes a human life.’ (Rose and Philpot, 2005, p.50) The Foster Care Associates facilitate the life story work in Jordan’s case his worker is called Suzanne.

The life story can be told in more than one way and if the child wants there can be a ‘cover story’ which gives the child the opportunity to tell as much or little to other people such as friends at school. (DVD Unit 5) The life story work is child focused. Road maps are used in filling in the gaps of information that Jordon recalls giving him ‘new memories’ as well as showing him that he is more than just a list of places that he has lived in.

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