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1. I have had known many leaders since beginning my career in the Coast Guard. The leaders I remembered varied within the ranks from junior enlisted to senior officer. A couple of my influences succeeded through their career while a couple experienced tribulations along the way, but always recovered. The leaders that had the most influence were those that had a good balance between positional and personal power. My leadership influences were introduced to me during my first and nineteenth year in the Coast Guard.

2. The first influential leader that I was introduced to was my first unit after basic training. Coast Guard Cutter Sedge (WLB-402) was a Sea-going Buoy Tender moored in Homer, Alaska in 1995. The Boatswains mate Third
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The few days that we spent there resulted in the restoration of the building and surrounding landscape. This type of “outside the box” thinking rejuvenated many of us because it was a different challenge from our standard deployment. I still keep in contact with Lieutenant Commander Holm, now the Commanding Officer of MSST 91104 in Galveston, Texas. I have chosen too because he has continued to provide me with quality leadership advice from time to time and has never given advice that compromises integrity.

3. The second influential leader that I was introduced to was my current supervisor at Coast Guard Headquarters. Commander Rosemary Firestine is the Chief of Maritime Security Response (CG-MSR), the program manager for the Maritime Force Protection Units in Bangor, Washington and Kings Bay, Georgia. The influence that I received from this officer was two-fold and was in contrast to the other headquarters office that I had arrived from after filling a ten-month temporary billet. Upon my arrival, I noticed the Commander had complete knowledge and ownership of the program. Her work ethic was unmatched and incomparable to any other Coast Guard member that I had served with. She had an outstanding professional demeanor and required an initial build up of trust. The Commander trusted my opinion, which ensured that I was referencing the correct information for her answers. She allowed me to work without constantly

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