Kent State Essay

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Kent State

In 1970 the nation was in its highest state of controversy. The generation gap that had begun to form in the sixties was now more of a ravine. The youth of America was finally standing up and raising their voices in protest against all the problems that plagued the country they would have control of in years to come. There were many events that helped in feeding the flame in the hearts of Americans. One such event was the Kent State University incident. It is an event that touched the nation and made such a profound mark, and yet it only lasted for thirteen seconds. In the thirteen seconds the Ohio National Guard, along with the rest of government by association, established themselves as the new enemy. All eyes were on
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By noon on the following Friday nearly five hundred students, in protest of Nixon’s decision to send troops into Cambodia, gathered to watch as a student at Kent State buries a copy of the United States Constitution, triggering a whole series of protest by other students. At three p.m. on Friday, Black United Students brought four hundred students together to discuss the Black community and racial incidents that plagued Ohio State University. At this time the protests remain calm. With a watchful eye the President of Kent State, Robert White, observes the groups and determines that the situation at Kent State is under control, and left on a planned trip to Iowa.
As the afternoon wore off into the evening, students and other people began to congregate in the Kent bar area. It was an unusually warm night, and by eleven o’ clock the people were flooding the streets, closing them to traffic. Most of the students remained inside the bars, watching the NBA Basketball playoffs, many of the crowd outside are not Kent State students. A local motorcycle gang shows up and begins performing tricks on their bikes and then ignites a bon fire in the middle of the road. By now things have pretty much gotten out of control. The people in the streets begin to deface the stores and private property in the area. The Kent Police Department makes no effort to break up the crowd, so the disorderliness continues through

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