Essay on Kasserine Pass

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After the Allies were pushed through the city of Feriana by Rommel on the February 17, he followed them through, straight into an ambush. The Allies, while retreating had moved a second tank outfit into place along the path that the Allies were falling back on. This way when Rommel came through with his Panzer division, the Allies had the element of surprise, and were able to destroy a large number of the attacking German tanks (Painton 1). The Germans prevailed however and took the valuable pass at Kasserine. From there it was up to the Allies to hold the other side of the pass and to retake it from the Germans. This would require heavy use of aircraft considering that this was one advantage that the Allies had over the Germans. …show more content…
This was extremely effective, to the point where it was like having a platoon of snipers with one hundred five millimeter rifles. This so bothered Rommel that as soon as the skies cleared up he sent his few Stuka dive-bombers after the artillery (3). This had limited effect, but in the end did very little to the artillery, and soon they were again pounding the German forces. The skies closed back up before the Allies could get their planes in the air, this would normally have been a severe problem, but the Allies ignored it and launched their planes anyway (4). Now that the Allies had a combination of their effective artillery and their superior air power, the Germans were really in trouble. The scale of attack was insane, with a massive unending wave of planes and artillery practically reforming the landscape with all the shells fired. The planes flew so low that nearly half of them were hit by enemy anti-aircraft fire, but they also were extremely accurate at this close range, hitting targets with incredible intensity. The attack was so intense that it caused part of the German armored force to pull out of the battle, leaving the Italians to cover their retreat (3). Rommel even admitted that it was impressive, “were subjected to hammer-blow air attacks by the U.S. air force in the Feriana-Kasserine area, of weight and concentration hardly surpassed by those we had suffered at Alamein” (Truman). As the

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