Journalism backs the Entertainment and Advertising Moment Essay

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As part of pop culture’s largest entertainment and advertising movement, magazine journalism and publishing is a profession based on research, writing and reproof that I feel led to pursue because of the desires and talents that god has blessed me with.
Journalism is the action of providing citizens with the information they need to stay independent, free, and self-governing. This main focus has remained constant throughout journalism’s long history. Although journalism has been stretched to a new level, as anyone with basic writing skills and technology may call themselves journalist, the definition remains the same that it is the sending out of new information to the people that they might read and make a synopsis for themselves
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Authors of these periodicals included Joseph Addison, Daniel Defoe, and Richard Steele. The word “magazine” itself was not made popular until its use in Edward Cave’s Gentlemen’s Magazine in 1731. The word here meant something miscellaneous, or made up of many parts or articles (Petley 10).
In magazine journalism, there are certain people groups or targets that the industries aim to please. But these target groups are only the beginning of the magazine profits. Although cover price make up a small percent of the final income, most of the profit is gained from advertisers. Once a target group is clearly defined, it can then be sold to the companies and advertisers, and thus the readers actually become the product. Magazines flourish so well in profitable gain for the simple fact that they use every aspect and resource as an opportunity for advancement (Petley 10).
Magazines are categorized into four major groups. Consumer titles are the first and probably largest. These issues provide entertainment and leisure-time for the reader. This category is usually represented by the main fashion issues for women. The next category is the special interest magazines. These usually include informational magazines to computer users, pilots, hobbyists, etc. They usually draw two-thirds of their revenue form the cover price and the rest from advertising. Trade magazines are another category, but are much different

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