John F. Kennedy Essay

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John F. Kennedy
     Though John F. Kennedy was only president for a short time, he inspired American patriotism and united a nation behind a common goal for peace. Kennedy was an influential man and a great leader. His faith was tested by the obstacles he had to overcome, but President Kennedy always lead his country with dignity and pride.
     John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born on May 29, 1917 in Brookline, Massachusetts. Known as “Jack”, he was the second child born to Joseph and Rose Kennedy. Jack was named after his grandfather, John Francis Fitzgerald. He had an older brother named Joe Jr.
     When Jack was one year old, his sister Rosemary was born. She
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Jack graduated on June 8, 1935. He was 64th in his class and was voted “Most Likely to Succeed.”
     Jack enrolled at Princeton after high school, but had to drop out soon after because of sickness. The next fall he enrolled at Harvard. He was accepted to snobbish social clubs. Jack ruptured his spinal disk in his back while playing football. He had to quit, but he concentrated on swimming instead. In 1938, Joseph Kennedy was appointed ambassador to Great Britain. The next year, World War II began. Jack wrote his senior thesis, Why England Slept, on why England avoided war. After he graduated in 1940, it was published and received many awards. The same year his father resigned as ambassador to Great Britain (Harrison 1-21).
     After college Jack and Joe Jr., joined the navy. Joe flew planes in Europe while Jack was made Lieutenant and assigned to the South Pacific. He was a commander of a patrol boat, the PT-109. August 2, 1943 a Japanese warship hit the boat and killed two men. Jack saved one man by swimming with his life jacket between his teeth and the man on his back until they safely

Hamner 3 reached shore (Weidman 2-3). Jack suffered from aggravated back problems and had contracted a case of malaria. He was hospitalized for a short time. Jack received the Navy and Marine Corps Medal for “extremely heroic conduct as Commanding Officer of Motor Torpedo Boat

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