John Dewey's Impact on Global Education Essay

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John Dewey was born on October 20, 1859, in Burlington Vermont. He attended public school until he graduated and entered the University of Vermont (UVM). While attending UVM Dewey was exposed to evolutionary theory through one of his professors G.H. Perkins. Dewey continued focusing his attention on the interactions between the human organism and its environment; eventually leading Dewey to his own theory of knowledge.
After graduating in 1879, Dewey taught high school for two years and then enrolled as a graduate student at Johns Hopkins University (JHU). While attending JHU, Dewey was influenced by Hegelian philosophy with the regard the organic model of nature and G. Stanley Hall’s power of scientific methodology within human
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1933), Democracy and Education (1916), Reconstruction in Philosophy (1920), Human Nature and Conduct (1922), Experience and Nature (1925), The Public and its Problems (1927), and The Quest for Certainty (1929). He also wrote several articles for The New Republic and Nation supporting women’s suffrage and the unionization of teachers.
After retiring in 1930 Dewey wrote; Art as Experience (1934), A Common Faith (1934), Logic: The Theory of Inquire (1938), Freedom and Culture (1939), Theory of Valuation (1939), and Knowing and the Known (1949).
John Dewey was one of the most famous educators of the 20th century for was his ability to see the extraordinary value of everyday experience for young children (Scholastic). "Education is not preparation for life: Education is life itself." Because of his beliefs in experimental education Dewey is known as the “Father of Modern Education.” Dewey’s views on education were; students’ understand education through experiencing it, and there is a broader social purpose for students to become a more effective member of society.
While teaching at U of C Dewey founded the Laboratory School which reinforced his strong beliefs and passion for educational reform. Dewey believed a one-way style of teaching was not a good model for a democracy society(pink). Prior to Dewey’s education reform movement you would see children sitting quietly and obediently in their seats, passively receiving information from their teachers and using

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