Essay Isolation of Fungal Strains: An Experimental Study

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Endophytic microorganisms are bacteria or fungi that live inside plant tissues at any moment of their life cycle, without causing damage or disease symptoms to their hosts (deSouza et al. 2011; Sunkar & Nachiyar 2011). They have been found in every plant species examined to date and recognized as the potential products for exploitation in medicine, agriculture and industry. Endophytes are ubiquitous with rich biodiversity. It is noteworthy that of nearly 300.000 plant species that existed on the earth, each individual plant is the host to one or more endophytes. The opportunity to find new and targeting natural products from interesting endophytes microorganisms among myriads of plants in different niches and ecosystem is remarkable …show more content…
2010; Tungpradit et al. 2010), and the use of its stem to various therapeutic purposes such as treatment for diabetes, hypertension, stimulation of appetite and protection from mosquito bites (Zulkhairi et al. 2008).
Endophytic fungi are natural products which have specific ability to produce compounds having strong biological activities. Research on isolation of secondary metabolites from endophytic fungi of selected plants begin with chemical profiles revealed of secondary metabolites of its species. This fact became strong theoretical foundation to build a method of selecting bioactive compounds and extend its utilization and synthesis. Initial steps involved are selection, screening, dereplication, isolation, and structure elucidation process using spectroscopic methods combined with chemoinformatic analysis (Butler 2004; Larsen et al., 2005; Hassan 2007).
As part of a phytochemical study of our research, we have previously reported two alkaloid compounds which is active as antimalarial from endophytic fungus which was isolated from the stem and leave of brotowali (Elfita, 2011a). The purpose of the present study was to isolate and determine two lactones from Trichoderma sp. from roots of brotowali to get the profile of organic compounds produced by endophytic fungi of brotowali.

The root of brotowali were collected on April 2012 from

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