Essay on Is Society too Dependent on Computers?

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In today’s society, computers are used in most areas of life such as communications across the globe, for students to do homework, commercial business, industrial sector, and many other parts of society. The use of computers have replaced other areas of life such as email has replaced mailing a letter to a friend, people use dating sites to find a relationship rather than going out to meet people, websites replacing newspapers, and more. The hypothesis is as computers continue to improve and take over more parts of daily life from people, then people will be becoming more depended on computers. Computers are in many forms such as a smart phones, laptops, tablets, desktops, and computers are found in cars/trucks, air conditions temperature …show more content…
This teaches the child how to do the work where the other child used the computer to get the answer but do not know how to arrive at the answer and have a harder time to reproduce the answer. Higher income families with a computer may also be able to afford educational software in which a lower income family may not be able to afford but do have a computer. One of the popular educational software for learning a new language is called Rosetta Stone which could cost up to $500.00 for one language. Not everyone can afford to spend this much money to learn a new language. Certification software can be bought and used by a computer to help study for different certifications. Income differences is one type of social conflict, another type would be differences in age. The younger generation is growing up on technology making them use computers for different parts of life at an early age. The older generation have been doing tasks about hand rather than using a computer to do something for them such as the younger generation may do. Some people from the older generation rather not use computers to do their work, they are content with doing tasks the way they grew up, while the younger generation is more comfortable using computers in their daily lives at work and home. There are practical implications of computers which affects public policy, employees, and families. Computers have

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