Irish Political History and Structure Essay

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The modern political history of Ireland can be separated into two time periods. The first period is it’s time spent under British rule as only one territory of the United Kingdom. The second period, which represents the beginning of the modern Irish state, took place during the early twentieth century. The road to national sovereignty was neither easy nor short as Britain was far from eager to let its dependent state go. The first organized movement towards independence occurred in 1916 when revolutionaries declared Ireland to be free from British rule on Easter of that year. Despite the ultimate failure of this initial push towards freedom Britain eventually granted the southern 26, of 38, counties dominion status in 1921. Further steps …show more content…
These roles are hardly merely ceremonial and each power has importance in Irish politics. The current President, Mary McAleese, was elected in 1997 and is up for re-election at the end of this year.
     The Prime Minister must be a member of the Dáil Éireann, also known as the majority party. His powers include answering questions in parliament where broad policy is concerned, or where issues specific to his department are concerned, sponsoring legislation which represents important new developments. Nominating the Tánaiste and the other members of the Government for the approval of the Dáil and assigning the particular Departments to the Ministers on their appointment by the President. The Prime Minister also nominates the Attorney General for appointment by the President, has the power to advise the President to accept the resignation of Ministers, and nominates eleven persons to serve in Seanad Éireann. The Prime minister, as head of the Government, is the central coordinator of the work of the Ministers and their Departments of State. He also advises and guides the other members of the Government including the President. The current Prime minister is Bertie Ahern . However

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