Ireland: The Land of Saints and Scholars Essay example

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Most people have heard of the country of Ireland. It is a small island that is located towards the East of the Atlantic Ocean, and is separated from Great Britain by the Irish Sea (Ireland 1). Ireland is considered by some one of the greenest and most beautiful countries in the world. Its rolling plains and lush, rain-soaked landscape make it a dream destination. It even has gorgeous stone castles that still stand after hundreds of years of wear and tear. Overall, Ireland is a beautiful and culturally rich country that has a lot of history to be shared with the world.

Geography The geography of Ireland is something to be marveled. From the endless green-grassed pastures that would put any yard to shame, to the abrupt, rocky cliffs that
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This and many other discrepancies have frayed the relationship of Ireland and Northern Ireland through the years.

Something Ireland is known for is its culture. Their food is famous for being fattening, hardy, and best of all, delicious. Their best crop is, and has always been, the potato, which is incorporated into almost all native foods, and even some drinks. A popular dish in Ireland is the “Ulster Fry”, which is made of bacon, eggs, potatoes, sausage, and bread. Some of their best-known foods are seafood (especially salmon), beef, lamb, soda bread, scones, and potato bread (Healey). The most popular sport in Ireland is what Americans would call soccer, which, in Ireland and most other European countries, is called football. Seems to be a more appropriate name for a sport where the players kick the ball with their feet. Most football fans in Ireland are very passionate about their team and hold the sport in high esteem. The enthusiasm and rivalries only escalate during holiday time. There are many holidays in Ireland, but the biggest holiday celebrated is St. Patrick’s Day. St. Patrick’s day is a holiday known in the U.S. mostly for drinking in Irish pubs and wearing green, but the holiday actually has a lot of significance in Ireland. The real meaning of the holiday is that it was when St. Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland and “drove away the snakes” from the island. Other than the

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