Essay about Introduction to Conversion Sagas - Why Convert to Islam?

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Introduction to Conversion Sagas - Why Convert to Islam?
Religion is a fundamental aspect of life for most African Americans. As Vu (2009) states in her essay “African-Americans Most Religiously Devout Group,” a recent survey revealed that “African-Americans are the most religiously devout racial group in the nation when it comes to attending services, praying and believing that God exists” (para. 1). This study explores the reasons why incarcerated African American men with Christian backgrounds are converting from Christianity to Islam. Does it have to do with their present environment and their lack of positive strategies and hope for a meaningful existence? Does Islam provide a community in which they find safety, respect,
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Some scholars assert that such men continue to convert for the following reasons: (a) Islamic practices allow for personal mentoring (C. F. Ellis, Jr., personal communication, December 2, 2008), (b) Islamic conversion considered to be the reclamation of an ancestral faith (M. Ibn-Ziyad, personal communication, August 16, 2006), (c) “Islamic conversion posits a possible model of conversion to Islam among American-born Christians.
An interview of 15 adult American-born Christian converts to Islam responded to why the switch of belief system. First, the narratives unfold in an unstructured manner that revealed identity and worldview as a reason for the conversion experiences. Second, the narratives unfolded reasons for conversion influence by sociological, psychological and theological elements. These elements posits an individual of “narratives manifest three themes or motifs: wandering (moratorium), discovery (transition), and fulfillment (self-actualization)” (Morton, 2004, para. 4). Third, African American males—almost half of the United States’ prison population—may see an intimate relationship between the criminal justice system and a system of beliefs, as captured in Christianity, that appears to justify their exploitation and contain a lack of true justice in their lives. Fourth, “Islam is

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