Essay on Interruption and Distraction in The Tempest

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Interruption and Distraction in The Tempest

In Shakespeare's play The Tempest, there are numerous interruptions that hinder the outcomes of the play. Simultaneously, through magic and song, the wedding masque is a subtle distraction that could have altered the result of the play. In The Tempest, interruption equals distraction, in turn causing restraints. This promotes confusion, disturbance, mental intrusion, and diversion amongst the characters in the play.

We are introduced to Ariel (Prospero's invisible servant). Ariel sings beautiful songs that distract the characters and the audience as well. Ariel's songs inspire subliminal messages; these messages are mental and physical acts of destruction. The exquisite noise that
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He is astonished that they speak the same tongue and they fall in love at first sight. Of course this instant attraction is Prospero's intentions, although he does not intend for Miranda and Ferdinand to have an affair as yet. So he dishonorably accuses Ferdinand of being a spy, and making himself the King of Naples. Ultimately, distraction provokes dishonor.

In 2.1, unseen Ariel puts everyone to sleep excluding Sebastian and Antonio. This distraction encourages Antonio to convince Sebastian to kill Alonso his brother and take over the throne. When they are about to proceed with the plan, Ariel suddenly sings in Gonzalo's ear, awakening him. Antonio and Sebastian have already drawn their swords and Gonzalo wakes up to the sight of this. He immediately shouts and awakens the King and everyone else. Sebastian and Antonio maliciously lie and claim that they heard bulls or a herd of lions. Alonso believes them and accepts their excuse, telling them to continue their search for Ferdinand.

Indeed, the interruptions in The Tempest are so distracting that we do not always percieve them. In 3.2.48, Ariel distracts Caliban, Stephano, and Trinculo by impersonating Trinculo's voice, calling out "Thou liest" after Caliban mentions his idea of killing Prospero and taking over the island. Ariel's powers enable her to imitate the characters in the play and manipulate because her masked voice brings

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