Internet Pornography Essay

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Pornography is a large issue in the United States and is especially debated within the Constitutional right of freedom of speech. The current law on pornography in America is that anyone under the age of eighteen who accesses pornographic material is subject to persecution. There are many arguments on both sides of the debate, including: a modified age for legal pornography access. This argument emphasizes the fact that if we want to be a truly free country, there should be no limitations on what we watch. Some may argue that pornographic material can very negatively effect the mental development of a young child, but I argue that it should be up to the parents to monitor their children’s activities. People should be able express …show more content…
The very second a nation begins censoring its citizens it no longer resembles the democracy that Americaprides itself on. According to the1986 Attorney General Commission the definition of pornography is, "predominantly sexually explicit and intended primarily for the purpose of sexual arousal.” Pornography includes books, magazines, videos and other devices that take it from anywhere in the world and puts it into semi-mainstream media where it then becomes visible for everyone to see. Along with even semi-mainstream media there are many rules and laws that must be abided. All of these rules and regulations must be taken into account while making a pornographic video for everyone else to see. For example child pornography is illegal in almost all countries along with porn including animals or violence. It is very important that this industry observes the laws that govern it in order to maintain its existence. Due to the fact that pornography in America has undergone so much scrutiny it is essential that the pornographic industry abide by its strict set of guidelines in order to preserve their ability to continue to express themselves. Just because the material is controversial does not mean that it needs to be done away with, rather it needs to be better understood in order to more effectively govern the pornographic industry. There are two different kinds of pornography first

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