Internet Gambling Essay

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Internet Gambling

Being awaken every morning at 7:00 am by creditors wanting their money may be one of the most depressing experiences. If the U.S. congress passes the bill allowing all forms of online gambling, many more people may experience creditor harassment. “Gambling is like a drug, just one hit and the addiction starts” (Perkinson). Over the past decade State governments have been fighting hard to raise the gambling age to twenty-one in casinos, now they want to legalize online gambling at age 18. Online gambling should not be legalized due to irresponsible people, the chance of online casinos being fraudulent, the raise in credit debt, underage kids gambling and the fact that gambling is addictive.

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The answer to this question is only one word: money. It is estimated that physical casinos revenue about 2.4 billion dollars a year.(Isidore) This is why casinos are so extravagant, they want your money. So if casino’s are already making crazy money, why expand to the internet. Again, that evil word money. An estimated twenty million people are currently gambling online. ICI has received over 40,000 registrations for its service, and over seven million visits per month. It is estimated that about 90% of adults participate in some form of gambling. The overall market for online gambling is estimated to be approximately $49 Billion Dollars a year.(Mcdonald) Besides a much larger profit, the running cost of online gambling is much cheaper than running a casino. Casino owners have a list of debts each month that include salaries of the large staff’s, purchasing things like chips and cards, and alcohol. If you are playing at home, there are no free drinks being brought to you. Running an online site only requires a small staff to maintain the website, and this means greater profits. Contrary to the understanding of many online gamblers, the majority of U.S. states have made it illegal to operate any type of gambling businesses outside of that actually sponsored by the state. Currently there is an extreme fine line of online gambling being legal. The only legal way to gamble online is to wager player against player. In other words,

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