Innocence in an Incredulous World Essay

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Innocence in an Incredulous World
Throughout the years literature has been used to express new ideas, feelings and emotions. During the Romantic era authors wrote about their happy memories and sad experiences in life . The poem “We are Seven” written by William Wordsworth expresses the feeling of innocence in a child’s life. Like Wordsworth, Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote the poem “The Lady of Shalott” with a similar theme. In his poem “The Lady of Shalott“ he expresses the innocence of a lonely women who grows old inside her house waiting for a man to marry her. The two author’s main focus was to express innocence in the lives of people. During the Romantic Era drastic events changed the way people lived. One major change came with the
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Having no parents to take care of him became the reason why he focused mainly on nature. Not only did he loose his parents at an early age, he was also forced to leave Annette Vallon, the person he considered the love of his life. Although his departure from France filled him with culpability, his returned brought him closer to his sister. William Wordsworth began to live with his lovely sister Dorothy. They both lived close to Samuel Taylor Coleridge one of Wordsworth friends. The two great poets helped each other and wrote great literature such as the Lyrical Ballads. Like William Wordsworth other famous authors faced many challenges; these challenges helped them develop their own writing styles. Due to their different experiences throughout their lives they learned to appreciate people and nature in different ways. during the Romantic Era there were some women who could write literature but like in the Victorian Era, men were the ones who dominated the writing industry. Women were discriminated and were not seen as writers, according to many men a woman’s only job was to take care of the home and to obey their husbands. Moreover, during the Romantic Era poets focused mainly on imagination, many poets used imagination as their main source of inspiration; it connected their ideas to the outside world. William

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