Individualism's Roots In Money: Titanic by James Cameron Essay examples

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Titanic, both the movie (produced by James Cameron) and the infamous event categorized certain cultural and social phenomena that transcended the time period, and reached into today. The plagues of sexism, classism and even racism excelled in the plot of this movie. As did the genuine nature of the humanity, in the actions the people took specifically while the ship was sinking. The social structure of society was a prevalent point of the movie, one with a modern twist on the tale of Romeo and Juliet, and one that nonetheless dealt with the intricate relationships individuals and classes had with and amongst each other. The movie starts off with a largely male cast portraying the finders of the ship. In The Theory Toolbox the authors …show more content…
People make inherent yet seemingly logical assumptions against or in favor of people based on the gender of the character or actor/actress, as well as on what they have done in their life. To this extent, Nealon and Giroux wrote, “But although gender is a pervasive difference in everyday life, there are surprising ways in which we don’t notice it or don’t pay proper attention to it” (180). The treasure hunter Brock Lovett and his largely male team aboard a research vessel search the wreck of RMS Titanic for a necklace with a rare diamond, the Heart of the Ocean. When they hear from Rose, they automatically resent the fact that she may know about the event. Since she is a woman, she is deemed not credible. They pragmatically assume that she is making it up, especially, as one of the people on the research vessel says, because she is an actress. Another point the movie makes is by perpetuating the stereotype that women do not travel lightly and have to take everything they own when they travel. The subject matter of adventure on the ill-fated ship portrays the social dynamic that society has imbedded into the mind of individuals within certain classes. On the matter, the authors of The Theory Toolbox, state “Whereas were pretty clear on what the concept gender identifies, what class signifies remains rather murky… is it a condition more reflective of personal choice, a function of lifestyle, behavior, aesthetics, or taste…” (Nealon

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