Essay about Indigenous People of Australia

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1 History
1.1 Origin
1.1.1 Indigenous people of Australia
Aborigines have been in Australia for at least 40 000 years, with a possible range of up to even 125 000 years, but the oldest human remains found so far, were only 40 000 years old. In general, it is believed that all Aborigines are related to one migration into Australia. A minority of scholars however, suggests that there were three waves of migration into the continent. Their curly black hair, blue-black skins, thick lips and wide noses remind of southern India and Papua New Guinea, so it is generally believed that this is where Aboriginal people originally came from.
Most likely, the Aborigines lived in the same surroundings as the Australian megafauna. These megafauna are
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He worked in the name of the then King George III. At the time of the Captain’s arrival, approximately 750.000 were living in Australia. However the British knew about the existence of the Aboriginals in the continent, they considered it to be a ‘terra nullius’ under British command. The land could simply be taken. Eighteen years later, in 1787, the first British fleet of 11 ships under the command of Captain Arthur Phillip departs for Botany Bay. The fleet consisted of about 1500 people. Several days after the arrival at Botany Bay, the fleet went on to the more eligible Port Jackson. On 26 January 1788, a settlement at Sydney Cove was set up, because it could supply fresh water and served as a safe harbour. That date is now Australia’s national day: Australia Day.
1.2 Aboriginal people
The Aboriginals themselves prefer to be called names from their own language. In the East they are called ‘Koori’, which means ‘our people’ and in the South-Nyunga. In the North, the term ‘Yoingu’ is used and in the centre we speak of ‘Anangu’. All these names however are not known by the ‘white’ Australians. That is why the more conventional term ‘Aboriginals’ is used.
After WWII, more and more immigrants started coming to Australia, which resulted in misery for the Aboriginals. More human strata of ‘white people’ were placed above them, blurring the true ownership of their country. In that way, the

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