India and Nuclear Disarmament Essay

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India and Nuclear Disarmament
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India’s stronghold on their position about nuclear weapons and disarmament has been a major issue for the United States and Chinese governments for the past 50 years. Their history with Pakistan has been far from peaceful. Many events and policies have led up to their current state. The nuclear testing in May 1998 has only escalated the situation. " India is alone in the world in having debated the available nuclear position for the past 35 years." Why should India be denied the right to own nuclear weapons? The question is does India really want nuclear weapons and if so what would be their objectives?

Throughout their history India has strongly been opposed to a nuclear
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These calls all seemed to be a waste of time and energy. The results were still the same and India had not made any progress. Then it was on to the 1960’s. In the beginning India’s relations with the People’s Republic of China attempted to maintain a friendly posture. Competition between the two in the 1950’s created tension and lead to military conflict in 1962 over the disputed border of Kashmir. This is the land that would be the cause of two out of three battles between India and Pakistan. Ministerial visits to China in 1979 and too India in 1981 marked the first such exchanges in over twenty years. Annual talks on the issue remained for the next six years. Since then China and Indian relations have not been smooth, but have not been devastating. In 1964 China became a nuclear power. Now not only did countries across the world have nuclear power, but India’s next door neighbor did as well. Once Pakistan became a nuclear threat India would be the only country in the world sandwiched between two nuclear weapons powers. Already, less than fifteen years into its freedom India’s security seemed to be becoming less and less. India seriously had to start contemplating whether or not to attain nuclear weapons. It may have been against India’s policy, but at the time many wealthy countries were buying and manufacturing nuclear weapons, not banning them. If India was to turn nuclear it would be purely for defensive and

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