Essay Implementing Educational Technology Into the K-12 Curriculum

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Introduction The technological age introduced a super highway for exploring new learning paradigms (Warger, EduServe, Dobbin, EDUCAUSE, 2009), and a structure on which today's generations culturally connect to technology in ways unlike never before (Debozy and Pospisil, 2008). Based on the (2007-2012) Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) plan, a primary challenge some teachers are often faced with is instructing with technology effectively and adequate time for professional learning initiatives. Therefore, professional learning is essential for teachers to learn to use available technology such as wireless laptops. School leaders should consider adopting strategies that work without separating the two educational standards (Collins & …show more content…
Utilize a professional learning networks supported by Nig, Twetter, Education World, Moodle, Facebook, Google, and the Apple Learning Interchange where teachers collaborate and reproduce successful practices.
3. Develop a setting for suitable and receptive learning where students construct meaning by linking their existing skills to acquired skills (Wellings & Levine, 2009, p.6).
To reinforce these three presented elements a new and diverse way of instructional practice for this learning context will need to be utilized to integrate technology in the classroom effectively. This will also necessitate new understanding, skills, and outlook for K-12 teachers (Hill, Jeffrey, McWalters, Paliokas, Seagren, & Stumbo, 2010). This review of literature divulges on two recent studies and discussions regarding the use of wireless laptop technology in the instructional practices. In general, most K-12 academic setting today utilizes wireless laptop technology (Kinkade & Verclas, 2008; Weston & Bain, 2010) within the classrooms. Consequently, the emphasis was on addressing the need for ongoing teacher technology training and support (Ara, 2009; GaDOE, 2008; Swan & Dixon, 2006). Furthermore, for this proposed study, I utilized a number of online databases such as Google Scholar: ERIC; books; Jstor: Academic Premier; EBSCO; ProQuest and Dissertations and Theses at Walden University (Walden Library Home, 2010). Section 2 will conclude with a summary. I used the

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