Illusions of Violence to Video Games Essay

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A long- time misconception that no one can support being true. The link between video games and violence has been worrying parents ever since Mortal Kombat came out and thinking it may have an impression on young minds to become violent when in all reality in today’s world most teenage guys play violent video games. I ask you where is the proof when only one or two guys freak out and we neglect their medical history with any mental issues that the media likes to leave out.
Dr. Christopher Ferguson is one scientist that does not believe this link at all and in his own studies has found the opposite in a group of 337 had not only not seen an increase in aggressive behavior but actually saw a decrease in aggression. We do have studies that
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Back onto the bad guy subject people say like call of duty made them do it when like every guy plays call of duty or some other shooter so how does this become a substantial fact in the case of this isn’t fascinating breakthroughs at all. The media will try to brainwash you practically to get you to think what they want you to think or to think like they do. This is where I bring up the question yet again where’s your proof.
The proof and studies that actually suggest this whole link being true is unsubstantial in itself due to the fact the studies supporting it don’t look at mental history and are only on a small few day increments as apposed to the ones against the link are actually up to one or two years and have more larger studied groups and all of them tend to show positive outcomes and no signs of increased aggression. These positive effects are less bullying, increased IQ’s, better visual attention and awareness, decreases in aggressive behavior and teamwork skills and some other studies show that it’s the mind set in which you play the games and most people its casual and some its serious. The serious players may show more improvement in these fields because multiplayer games can easily give them teamwork skills and even

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