Essay about Iago's Motivation in William Shakespeare's Othello

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Iago's Motivation in William Shakespeare's Othello

The play Othello is set in Venice and written by William Shakespeare. The Elizabethans were not precise in their use of the term 'moor'.

Iago begins the play discontented. He believes that he should have got the job of lieutenant but it goes to an "inexperienced" Michael Cassio. Cassio only knows war from a book, but Iago is cross at Othello for choosing Cassio not him.

Iago is a very clever person but with that power, he uses that power for evil acts. This act is, taking revenge on Othello and mentally changes peoples view and the way they think. He never carries out the act but he gets other people to do it. He is motivated by one main
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Iago is arrogant and takes pleasure in showing his manipulative skills.

Cassio takes hold of Desdemona's hand just before the arrival of Othello, Iago says, "with a little a web as this will ensure as great a fly as Cassio" his cunning and craftiness make him a frightening character.

Iago takes pleasure in addressing the audience. He pretends to be honest. He is able to paint a picture of himself as an honest man. He is only interested in destroying the good. He is a catalyst to bring them down.

There is a degree of sadism in Iago. He enjoys controlling and shaping Othello's suffering. He introduces the idea of jealousy to Othello. Iago gets Othello to believe that this is what he is suffering from.

Iago says" she holds it a vice in her goodness not to be more than a requested" this then leads poor Cassio to a dark but short future. Yet Cassio followers Iago's words telling him" you have advise me well" this leads to a trap where Roderigo kills him.

Iago gets the job of lieutenant but it's not enough for him, because this was not his primary motivate. "I am your own for ever" this gives a false elision. The irony of that line, that Iago controls Othello. "You are mine for ever". This is deceptive irony.

Iago has a perverse morality and enjoy using language to distort goodness. He calls his poison his "medicine".

Iago takes pleasure in controlling Roderigo.

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