“I Wanted to Go to School but My Parents Told Me, 'No Essay examples

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“I wanted to go to school but my parents told me, 'No they might take you away for good.' And they ran away in the bush.
Bonny Tucker, Punjima woman, Western Australia”.
(She refers to the Native Welfare taking away Aboriginal children of mixed descent. www.creativespirits.info)

These mini essays will discuss Aboriginal Australian history and it’s connections to official education policies both past and present.

What is the connection between official education policies and key events in Aboriginal Australian history? How have Aboriginal people responded to these policies?
Key events in Aboriginal Australian history stem from the time Australia was first discovered in 1788. For instance, when Federation came into existence
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Furthermore, Aboriginal response to official policies has been to redress the issues of inequality and previous negative perceptions of Aboriginal culture and history with the aim of a more inclusive and equitable future where all men and women, regardless of race, gender or other are respected, valued and offered equal opportunities regarding education.

What are some important recent initiatives designed to redress Aboriginal disadvantage through schooling?

“Education is the greatest single weapon to overcome disadvantage and the impact of this denial of education affects me and other Indigenous people to this day”.
Yvonne Butler, Aboriginal woman (www.creativespirits.info)
Harrison (2009:48) states that in the long term the solution for health issues within the community is to ‘improve housing, nutrition, and access to primary health care.’ Aboriginal disadvantage in education is only one area where disadvantage is obvious.
The first Aboriginal Education Policy in 1982 was a tremendous improvement regarding “retention and educational outcomes for Aboriginal students”(aboriginaleducation.nsw.edu.au). Increased involvement of Aboriginal people/communities in partnership with educators has resulted in more culturally relevant curriculum developed and delivered in schools (www.aboriginaleducation.nsw.edu.au). Fortunately, it was superceded by the Aboriginal

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