Essay about Humility, the Unsung Hero

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Living in a major metropolitan area as I do, I'm often surprised at the sharp contrasts I see between the people here and those in the more relaxed Midwestern community where I grew up. Some of these are positive:

a higher level of awareness of and respect for other countries and cultures widespread interest in physical fitness and nutrition more motivation to succeed
However, one troubling thing I have noticed is the abject lack of humility in Washington, DC, and the rather egotistical tendencies of the people who live here. Whether in a professional or social setting, I'm always floored by how quickly people will flash their business card, mention the Ivy League school they attended, or nod and smile during someone's story and
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The tendency to embellish what you've done is really high when you're bragging, and misrepresenting yourself is never a good idea
The allure of humility. The reason you like talking about yourself is because most people like talking about themselves, so by surrendering to that temptation you've become average, not exceptional.
Humility, the Light Alternative Life Sweetener!

I present to you the unappreciated alternative to ego: humility. Humility is an essential yet often overlooked component of sustainable professional and personal success and happiness.

Need proof? Consider how many historical figures were undone by their egos - Julius Caesar, Napoleon, Hitler; the list goes on. In Greek classical tragedies and in Shakespeare, the hero is always inevitably ruined by his or her arrogance, or as the Greeks called it, hubris.

Yes, history has pretty clearly shown the Greeks knew what they were doing.

There's a reason this theme is everywhere in our culture - because ego is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Those who focus too much on what they have gained for themselves will eventually lose everything.

Humility by contrast is one of the most attractive human qualities. Those who are down to earth are generally more mysterious and interesting, as onlookers wonder what makes them so special that they don't feel the need to revel in their success.

Moving the focus from yourself to those around you

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