Humans and Nature: The Sad Truth about the Relationship between Humans and Earth

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Since the shift into the Holocene era with the rise of sedentism throughout various millenniums across six continents to present day human ingenuity, respect and attention towards the site gradually declined as technologies advanced human capability and chances of survival. Digging deep in time back to the ancestral hunter-gathering tribes of southwestern France in the Caves of Lascaux, where the site was the structure itself, shifting towards the Anasazi of Mesa Verde who created a structure utilizing the site, finally ending with modern day commercial chain buildings stamped onto landscape with neither respect nor consideration of natural landform and the grim outlook for the city of New Orleans, these sites offer …show more content…
Located a short distance from Nice, France, this early example of religious architecture depicts megafuana game commonly hunted during the recent glacial Ice Age. The palette of colors within this womb-like cavern consisted of red ochre, yellow sulfurous clay, dark blackened ash and charcoal, and the shades of orange in between mixing. To paint these iconic symbols, the hunter-gatherers would construct a scaffold system using only wood, lithic, and bone based technology to then see these images lit only by a fire’s warm light within the ceremonial cavern (Ingersoll and Kostof). Though their technology consisted primarily of stone, the ancestors began to shape Earth.
In the days of mankind’s first permanent markings on the Earth’s surface, their limited technology prevented major changes to an existing site. As stated within World Architecture, A Cross-Cultural History by Richard Ingersoll and Spiro Kostof, “The painted caves [of Lascaux] did not require acts of construction, the ceremonial organization of their spaces [did].” In the context of how the ancestral European hunter-gatherers treated their site, they viewed the natural carved spaces as sacred, offering a deep reverence to the site as sacred. The representations splayed throughout various chambers of the caves depict the prayers for a successful hunt, seeing the

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