Human Development Class Reflection Essay

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The Human Development’s concepts, theories and so on give me a better understanding to explain why people act in different kind of situation that they have. Make me more appreciate the value of taking Human Development class. In the concept of Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Systems they played huge role to shape my character, values and so on to make me a better person right now that I still value them. For example, in my mesosytem to force me to be more religious because I studied in catholic school. Until now, I become more religious person and makes some more friends which it help me to build up my confident to my social activities. Also, my microsystem made me more independent because in my every early age I started to be help in house …show more content…
She always swore at him because he always yelled at her mother in the front of her. Her parents couldn’t explain why they were being like that to each other. They both realized they didn’t love each other no more to they decided to get a divorce. When they got their divorce Nicole stay with her mother. Nicole blamed herself because she thought that her parents got a divorce cause she swore a lot to her father. It is the Transduction in which tendency to link phenomena that occur closely in the time in a cause -and-affect relationship, even though there is no logical connection establishing cause-and-affect. Even though I’m only her babysitter I explained her why her parents got a divorce and make her realized it’s not her fail. It really helpful to know those concept of Limitation on Pre-Operational Thought in early childhood because it gives me more advantage and to help those children. I used to follow standard procedure in school which it was good to do it but one I get in real world there are a lot of different possible answers. Such as college in my opinion only 25 percent of standard procedure is used. When I got into college, professors don’t based in standard procedure. They are the one who do their lesson based on how they want to. However, I just recently graduated high school so I used to do my home works, essays, projects and so on in the standard way. Now,

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