How War has Effected the Role of Women in Society Essay

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How War has Effected the Role of Women in Society

The 20th Century has been the period where women in society have got the chance to be 'accepted' in various divisions such as labour, military and voting. I think that the period where war had a drastic effect on the role of women was in the First and Second World War. However, I believe that the war did effect the role of women in many ways, but this only lasted for the period of war.

In order to examine how the war effected the role of women in society, we must examine what were the roles of women before the wars. In the years preceding the War women had been employed mainly in service oriented jobs, such as waitress, working as secretaries, laundresses, telephone operators,
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In World War 2, when United States declared on Japan, millions of men were drafted to fight, thus leaving their jobs vacant. Entrance in War meant an increase in production of armaments. However, the men which were available before to work in heavy industry were now away fighting the enemy. This triggered the government in the United States to persuade women to work in the heavy industry. Thus, the propaganda which was once responsible for blaming women, now attempted to recruit them to the heavy industry. The United States government began to invest in training women to work in such heavy industry such as plane, weapons and tank production. World War 2 in United States, and other countries such as Great Britain effected the role of women in society as many of them were employed in heavy industries to fill up jobs which men had left to participate in the war.

In places such as Britain and Europe, women were allowed to be drafted into the army and were actually allowed to serve in uniform. This and other division such as Labour Force, where the role of women had changed to, symbolised gains for suffrage women in Britain and Europe. When Great Britain declared war with Germany, many women decided to draft into the Army or the RAF respectively. This was one of the effects on the role of women in society,

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