How to Rule the Airways Essay

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How to Rule the Airways

Scriptwriting for radio is considered to be harder than scriptwriting for film and TV as the writers cannot use sight and must portray the story through sound and dialogue. In this short discussion I will be talking about the linguistic conventions and syntax and vocabulary also I will be discussing style and structure purpose and genre.

The first thing is linguistic conventions this is basically the different types of ways they structure their sentences to make them sound good to the audience.

1.0Linguistic conventions:

There are a lot of linguistic conventions in radio scripts and I will identify some of these now:

1.1Alliteration: Alliteration is using
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1.4Rhyme/Rhythm/Pace: These 3 things are all to do with the speed of the radio script. Rhyme can help also to set the mood by rhyming it keeps it up beat and happy and can set it as a jumpy jolly medium pace. The rhythm is how the words flow together to keep it as a constant smooth rhythm the words have to join perfectly and you can’t have any anomalous points otherwise it will corrupt the rhythm. The pace is just the flow and speed and how the script sounds and spoken at the right speed instead of speaking slowly when you should be speaking fast.

1.5Metaphor/simile’s: A metaphor is describing something as it is but as its not like the tree whistled or the window squeaked and a simile is describing something as what it is like the pig jumped like a horse and they use this in radio scripts so you get more detail into what is going on.

2.0 Syntax and vocabulary: There are certain rules that a radio scrip must abide by to be a radio script otherwise it can not be a radio script it must meet certain criteria and also the vocabulary must be correct but not always perfect. Some radio scripts are written as how they are spoken so instead of using the full words they will have them

how they are said for example ‘sup darlin’ but they also use very large words that sound smart but mean simple things like agriculture which

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