How a Switch Has an Advantage ove a Bridge in a Network Essay example

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1. Both Bridges and Switches work on the data link layer of the OSI Model. However, switches are more advanced. Discuss how a switch has an advantage over a bridge in a network then elaborate more on the technology implemented in switches to control broadcast domains (500 words). [25 marks]

There are many reasons why switchers are used instead of bridges. The switchers nowadays are more effective than a bridge when are used in a network.
Bridges, also known as transparent bridges, work in the Layer number 2 of the OSI model. This means that bridges have the ability to forward the data according to the destination address found in the packet. The destination address from the data packet, is also known as MAC address. This physical
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Nowadays connection between a number of hubs is often made using switchers. In this way, connection between hubs to a faster backbone is made throughout a switch.
Another feature of the switchers is the capability of filtering frames. Some of them can be used to filter or reject frames provided from a particular network. These filters are often used in dealing with unnecessary packets and broadcasts.
Switches are significantly faster than bridges because switch is made in hardware, while bridges switch in software.
The cut-through support can be found in some switchers. This technology reduces delays and latency in the network. All in all, the collisions are significantly reduce on network segments. The dedicated bandwidth to each network segment is the reason why collisions are reduced.
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2. Briefly research the different components of the Domain Name System (DNS) and demonstrate how each component is critical to build a working DNS system (500 words). [25 marks]

Briefly, DNS (Domain Name System) can be explained as a system that allows the transformation of IP addresses to words that can be easily

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