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Hop Frog by Edgar Allen Poe

Hop Frog is a short story written by Edgar Allen Poe during the nineteenth century. The story revolves around an overweight tyrant king with a love for weird, practical jokes. One of the other main characters in this short story is Hop Frog a deformed court jester who aims to seek revenge on the tyrant king and he does this using a very clever, cunning plan.

The story of the deformed dwarf and his determination for revenge on his master develops into being Stephen King's favourite Edgar Allen Poe short story. Hop Frog stimulates the mind of the reader. Should the reader interpretate it as being a horror story, where Hop Frog retaliates against the King and Court
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Hop Frog was introduced to the King as a present from one of his ever, victorious Generals, but this was a gift that turns this tale into a fictional, gruesome horror story. And Hop Frog is turned into the villain due to his sad deformity and the inability of ordinary or powerful people to feel compassion, or show consideration towards this poor dwarf. An individual who had so far done little wrong, but who had been born with terrible deformities and deserved more than the scorn of others, this scorn had turned Hop Frog into a human time bomb. His body was only a shell, which held the sole of a powerful human being, a person with the strength and will to cause terrible devastation and the ability to KILL. The author has characterised Hop Frog as being similar to a modern day horror, movie star. But do we accept that revenge is justified when conducted by someone who has been treated as a victim? Hop Frog had been taken away from his family and home, but his most precious possession was also a dwarf called Trippetta, she was known as the "court pet". She also entertained the king and his council by dancing for them.

The King was a totally different character. His life depended on practical jokes "He seemed to live only for joking. To tell a good story of the joke kind, and to tell it well, was the surest road to his favour". His Council had gained

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