Hitory Is The Force That Creates Masterpieces Essay

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Since ancient times, people have been known to create literary works to educate and entertain others, or to record history, like the ancient Chinese, English, and Egyptians. However, the contents of literature are somewhat influenced by the time period which the contents are written. For example, the great epic Beowulf found in the 18th century reveals the culture of the Anglo Saxons, or also William Wordsworth’s sonnet “The World Is Too Much With Us”, which describes how people’s perspectives had changed when the Industrial Revolution started. When it comes to novels and fiction, there are quite a few books that can come to mind. The most famous one perhaps is Uncle Tom's Cabin, which was the product of Segregation and partially led to …show more content…
While Grendel swallowed one of his warriors, Beowulf stayed steady as a rock. When Grendel aimed at him, he stood up and fought Grendel naked with his bare hands. He grabbed the arm of Grendel. While Grendel struggled painfully, Beowulf slowly twisted his arm, and eventually pulled off Grendel’s arm as he fled back to his swamp in the forest, where he awaited for his death. Beowulf is willing to risk his life by helping the Danes to kill Grendel, with one intention of being immortal, and in order to repay Hrothgar since he helped his father before. This also shows Beowulf’s loyalty. In reality, since the majority of the Anglo Saxons did not believe in Christianity, they were more focused on fame. Perhaps it is their culture where people in society pursuits fame. The epic has both Christianity and paganism elements. Although the early Anglo Saxons are all people with the belief of paganism. However, there is a transition when people started to generate religious views. Since god has been mentioned in several lines. In the Bible, Cain is Adam and Eve’s son, he is evil because he killed his own brother. Beowulf describes Grendel as since he is descended from Cain. Although history has not confirmed that there are such people like Beowulf, nevertheless he represents a type

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