Essay on History Culminating Assignment: Four Events in History

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Vimy Ridge 1900s
The Battle of Vimy Ridge is Canada’s most celebrated battle of World War I. Canada claimed victory on German forces on April 9, 1917. The battle was lead by Arthur Currie, the first Canadian to be promoted to the rank of General. Because of him and other factors, the battle was successful. He had planned and strategized for months beforehand so that every soldier knew exactly what his job was when the time came to attack. It only took a few hours until more German prisoners, land and guns were taken than in the first two years of the war. That shows how effective this battle was.
This event impacted and shaped Canada in which it was a major turning point in the war. Until then, the war hadn’t been going too well for
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Radio A new form of communication was brought to life in the thirties, with the radio. It was a great invention for it brought people all over Canada ‘closer’. Since the war was over, people were looking for ways of entertainment. The radio was a cheap form of it and it could be right in their homes.
All Canadians should know about the radio, and that it was a Canadian invention because most people take the privilege of having a radio for granted and they should appreciate what Canadians have done for us. I picked the radio because I thought it was interesting that something used al l over the world in modern-day was invented by a Canadian. I wanted to learn more about how early communication technology developed.

The 1950’s were referred to as the Golden Age for television. J. Alphonse Ouimet was the person who is credited for the rapid expansion ad introduction of Canadian television. The most popular show in the 50’s was by far, Hockey Night in Canada.
Television affected Canada’s history in which it is now widely used all over Canada as a main source of entertainment.
I chose it because I believe the television was the start of modern technology

Terry Fox
Terry Fox was an individual who made a difference. He believed in a cause and took action to support it. Since he was diagnosed with cancer and had his leg amputated, he decided to take action and raise money for cancer research. He attempted to run across Canada (the Marathon of

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