History, Background and Development of Electronic Newspapers

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History, Background and Development of Electronic Newspapers

In order to understand fully the theoretical aspects of this work and to relate this to practical field results, it is necessary to understand both the history and development of electronic newspapers and the context within which such development has taken place.

The general historical context within which electronic newspapers are being developed is first examined. A brief description of the history of electronic publishing itself and some background containing details of the characteristics of electronic newspapers is followed by a review of development in the UK and a statement on their use, spread and status to date. The major
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Careful note should be made of the use of the word 'advent', because clearly this epoch has by no means reached its zenith given the potential to be unleashed through further technology convergence and integration.


During the orality epoch, communications had several characteristics. Most significantly it was geographically constrained and thus discussion of and intellectualising on events outside a small locale in real time was impossible. Any real influence on the majority of distant events was therefore almost impossible. Communication could be one to one or one to many within the constraints imposed by the human voice, or membership of a particular forum and the message was ephemeral.


The context within which the communication was delivered (and simultaneously received) was very important. Feedback from recipient(s) to sender was immediate and allowed a skilful sender to modify the message depending upon such feedback. Control was exercised through the power of persuasion, which in turn depended upon the sender's ability to argue logically, his (because this was a masculine activity) personal characteristics for credibility, and ability to invoke emotional responses in the recipients. Those who heard, as well as those who spoke were "empowered" - but were an elitist group and many

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