Essay about History and Methodology of Apple Inc.

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Cupertino, California is home to a revolutionizing brand in the tech industry. Founded in 1976, Apple Inc. is the brainchild of innovative entrepreneurs. With the introduction of the iPod in late 2001, Apple has inched closer to dominating the mobile entertainment market. Rather than focusing on the production of personal laptops and desktops, Apple has branched out to handheld devices, a decision which has allowed the firm to successfully establish itself as a mighty contender in the cellular industry. Apple’s fresh perspectives on how to develop products with simple, yet intuitive designs have enabled the company to rise up from the masses of products with substantial appeal.
Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple and a current member of the
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Apple quickly established its brand as a modern, reliable technology company. According to the data on Apple’s website, Apple sold 6.1 million devices in the year ending January 31, 2011. Since the rise of the “iStuff,” Apple released four new iPhones, each differing in design and performance.
According to unconfirmed reports from website Gizmodo, the new iPhone 5 will be released either in late September or in early October 2011 and is rumored to support AT&T, Verizon Wireless and potentially Sprint as a service providers. As was the case with the previous iPhones, rumors concerning possible new features buzz about in the technosphere. Apple’s tight lips only leave room for speculation.
“IB Times” suggests that there is an abundance of new features for the iPhone 5. Indeed, the next generation boasts near field communication (NFC) enabled, edge-to-edge display. There will be an 8-megapixel camera, along with improved flash, a curved glass display, and a 3.7-inch screen (aimed to counter the Android phones).
In late April of 2010, an iPhone 4 prototype was accidentally lost in a bar in Redwood City, California by an Apple engineer. The missing iPhone was then sold to the tech blog, Gizmodo for $5,000.
Then, against all odds, tragedy struck Apple Inc. once again. In July 2011, the iPhone 5 prototype was dropped at Cava 22, a Mexican restaurant in San Francisco in a fiasco reminiscent of last years leak. However, unlike the iPhone 4, the phone was not sold to

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