Essay on Healthcare in the United Kingdom & US

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The United Kingdom Consists of Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales and the capital is London. It is culturally diverse and struggles with the same issues as the United States does with multiculturalism. The United Kingdom functions as a Parliament system and their healthcare system is supported by central taxation, and some funding by private grants and charities. Whereas, the United States health system structure is complex and funds are based on employers, private payers, foundations and charities. Medicare and Medicaid are funded by taxes.
The (NHS) National Health Service was founded in 1948, with the belief that no one should have to pay for healthcare regardless of their financial status and based on three
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The UK has developed 7 key principles to guide the NHS;
• The NHS provides a comprehensive service available to all
• Access to NHS services is based on clinical need, not an individual’s ability to pay
• The NHS aspires to the highest standards of excellence and professionalism
• The NHS aspires to put patients at the heart of everything it does
• The NHS works across organizational boundaries and in partnership with other organizations in the interest of patients, local communities and the wider population.
• The NHS is committed to providing best value for taxpayers’ money and the most effective, fair and sustainable use of finite resources.
• The NHS is accountable to the public, communities and patients that it serves
Prescription Coverage The prescription coverage, unlike the plans here in the United States where you pay a copay based on the Tier or Brand regardless of your finical status, the United Kingdom’s coverage is based on how many prescriptions you need; a single prescription or current prescriptions has a single charge, four or more prescriptions you pay a set fee, for 14 or more items needed over a 12 month period is a bit higher fee. There are programs for those with low income and budget plans are available also. People with certain medical conditions, maternity status, disabilities, age, and income level may qualify for free prescriptions.
Dental Care The

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