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Gullah is said to be a dying Culture. Though this culture has brought life into so many other cultures and still thrives in lands today, its dying culture? Culture may lie within the land it came from, but it thrives through its connections. With influences all over the globe it might not be the most prominent culture, but it surly cannot be dying yet. Gullah was created by cultural mixtures brought upon by the African Slave Trade. Between 1650 and 1860 there were around ten to fifteen million

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This trade created a mix between the cultures, bringing about new styles in language, arts, dance, and traditions. The Gullah culture is recognized mainly through the people who landed here in America along the Southern Coast in Low country South Carolina and Georgia, though the Gullah connection flows through each land it derived from.
Daid Aaron I and Daid Aaron II are two short stories of Gullah folktales transcribed by John These (Bennet). Daid Aaron I is a story told by a house slave with a master who is said to be dead in the burial ground. But every night he comes back into the house to sit on his chair, suck on his pipe, and warm his feet by the fire. Someone always has to come and take him back to the burial ground and persuade him that he is dead and that he needs to stay put in the ground. They eventually have to call a “conjah-doctoh” a voodoo man who gives them the remedy to keep him in the grave. Daid Aaron II is similar except everyone is trying to convince a dead man that he really is dead and must go back to the grave, but he does not believe it because he does not feel death within him. Until he feels dead he refuses to go back to the grave. This gives us their cultural perspective between life
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