Essay on Green is the New Black

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Green is the New Black
What if you knew that you were destroying the earth every day, minute, hour, second of your life time? People, humans, are harming the earth. Without recycling everything we use, reducing pollution from cars and machines, or cutting back on water use, we hurt our only home, the earth. Lost every second, another 1.5 acres of rainforest to land development and deforestation, with tremendous losses to habitats. Another 36 U.S. states anticipating local, statewide water shortages, 64 million tons of materials are going to landfills. Ready to start going-green yet? We can recycle our garbage, have clean efficient machines and cars, or simply use less water. These every day things can change a lot in the way you live and
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Nature recycles everything. So should people. Nothing is really ever thrown away; so it has to go somewhere. By recycling and reusing we reduce the amount of waste that sits in landfills. It also saves energy. Some materials like aluminum and glass can be recycled without being down-cycled (lesser quality).
Going-green can be healthier for your body and the planet. One study shows that organic milk has 68% more beneficial omega-3’s then conventional milk, this is better for your body. Also, buying local products helps support the local economy and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. Buying local means buying fresh foods, which reduce packing and the energy used in processing. You can enjoy fresher, tastier foods and improve your health buying local. Better for your body and the earth will thank you. Clothing choices can help with the impact and at the same time be very stylish. When you go to chose clothing, chose eco-friendly clothing. For example, buying organic cotton not conventional cotton, conventional cotton is one of the world’s most chemically dependent crops. Choose a better product that is much easier on the soil and ground water. If you prefer to take good care of your clothes, use cold water in the washing machine along with eco-friendly detergents. Try line-drying, this can reduce the environmental impact of your clothes. Lastly, wearing second-hand styles might not

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