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As a summary, this hacking issues can divide into 3 parts like shown below:

Ask: What is the issue about?

Answer: Hacking

Ask: When it happens?

Answer: 10 October 2013 morning

Ask: Who involved in the issue?

Answer: Hacker and organization (Team Madleets and Google Malaysia)


The hacking issues shown in background just a small part of hacking. Hacking also included hacking o bank account, ATM card password, Facebook account, and so much. For the hacking issues for Google Malaysia, the causes for it is maybe just for fun, but there are so many reasons and causes for hacking issues.

i) Hackers Try to Show Their Skills

Likes what happen in hacking issues of Google Malaysia, the madleets tries to show their skill to the world by hacking into government or organization domain. Breaking into someone’s computer or system is simply a challenge, they just want show their hacking skill more than to do damage to system or domain (NC State University, n.d.). Many hackers have a habit which is to show or test their ethical hacking skills. As a real issue happened in Geneva, hackers from across Europe went to Geneva test their hacking ethical skills at March 23, 2014 (AFP News, 2014). AFP News (2014) also mentioned this is annual Insomni’hack ethical hacking competition which
CRAM Exclusive

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