Essay on Gender Discrimination Against Women

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Gender Discrimination against Women
Behind every great man, there is a greater woman. Gender discrimination is to behave or view negatively and unpleasantly toward a person specially woman because of her sex. It varies from workplace, such as getting paid less for the same professionalism to violent crime. On a global scale, women are still the victims of brutal rape, abuse, and violence in patriarchal societies, and even they are trafficked for sexual exploitation. Even though there are laws against discrimination of women, it is really a substantial issue. Violence of all kinds against women is routine and it is seen like not a serious problem. Educational attainment, political participation, and limited mobility are three major and have
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Probably, a girl of the family should replace her mother. As a result, she needs to quit school for doing household chores. Edmonds also mentions that because of not having sufficient money to educate a child from the family, a family is able to send just one child to school. That point is related to poverty. If a poor family has a girl and a boy in Kurdistan, the parents often send their boy to school, so the girl stays at home to help household chores. Staying the girl at home is a kind of violence against women rights. However, what if the boy is not successful at school, and he is lazy, but the girl staying at home is smarter? There is no gap between men and women for being well educated.
Another form of gender discrimination against women leads to less political participation in most developing countries of Africa. Some people think that many problems could be resolved if women had higher levels of political participation. (Edmonds) Beside, attending political participation by women, in some countries of Africa and as well as in Iraq women are still unable to vote, wear what they like, or even obtain their property. According to, "Even thought females have higher education rates and work more than men in the same profession they still get paid less in America, and there is still a twenty percent pay gap between men and women for the same work," hence even in developed countries, such as America there is prejudice or

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